Marisa Considine

This week our campus cutie is Marisa Considine! Marisa is nineteen years old and a freshman Musical Theater Major with an Honors Concentration. She’s considering adding a minor in Philosophy. When asked about why she’s considering adding a Philosophy major, she told me she discovered her love of philosophy during her first fall semester at Rowan. She added that she enjoys Philosophy because she likes pondering over things and discussing different opinions. She also likes asking questions and being asked questions. Although she did tell me, two-thirty AM is not a good time to ponder life’s mysteries.

When asked about her major, she told me that she always has enjoyed performing on stage and that she could not see herself at a desk. She considered it important to do something that she was passionate about and that would make her happy for she considers that to be the route of success.

Outside her school work, she enjoys reading comic books, watching cartoons, and playing video games. She also likes to attend comic conventions. Her favorite color is blue due to the fact she realized girls’ toys were only pink while boys were blue. She doesn’t have a favorite animal but she likes Button Quails, Desert Rain Frogs, spiders, and snakes.

Fun Questions

What food would you eat for the rest of your life?

Panang Curry because it has a good amount of spice but just enough sweetness. It doesn’t have any milk because I’m lactose intolerant and you can have chicken or tofu or vegetables in it.

What superpower would you want to have?

Super strength because it would be super cool to be able pick up a fridge if something rolled under it.

What is your dream role in a Musical?

 Rita from the show Lucky Stiff.

If you had to live in a fictional world the rest of your life, what would world/book would it be?

The Gammege Cup’s “Land Between the Mountains” because it was my favorite book as a child and it would be a nice place to live