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Make the Break without Breaking the Bank

Spring break is almost here! Yippee! All your classmates/roommates/floor mates and everyone else on campus is talking about their fabulous plans. That one girl from your science class is hitting Europe with her boyfriend, the girls in the apartment next to yours are planning on driving down to Florida and your own roommate is going skiing with her family. You look in your wallet… And find some lint, a stick of gum and your high school ID (seriously, how did that get in there?)

Uh oh… How are you supposed to have the best break ever without the financial needs to achieve it? Well, we can make it happen.

Start by deciding how you want to spend your break. Do you have your heart set on relaxing on the beach? Do you want to travel? You can always find some deals online – using trustworthy websites of course – to get the most bang for your buck. Many airlines offer amazing deals for cheap, and hotwire.com can help you find a great place to stay. Get some friends in on the plan for added security – both financial and safety. Also, remember to plan responsibly. If you cannot afford to go to Spain, don’t. Having a pile of debt the size of Mt. Everest isn’t going to do you any good. Save the glam for when you have a paycheck that will finance it.

If minimal travel expenses aren’t in your near future, try to relax the way you used to when money wasn’t a concern.

1. Find a pool and go for a swim. Get some friends to go with you. You can make a splash and some memories without worrying about paying a fortune for it.

2. Be a kid again and get in a water gun fight with a group of people. But make sure that the weather is a little warmer if you want to do this, because there isn’t anything fun about getting soaking wet in the cold…

3. Make a beach at home. Crank up the heat, light some candles, lay down a towel, pay some beach vibes and go to town.  Yeah, you might look like an idiot, but you’ll be warm.

4. Go home. There is no place like home, home is where the heart is, home is where you’re always loved… All these clichés exist for a reason.

5. Spend quality time with your friends and family.

6. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.

7. Indulge in some culture. You can easily hit Philadelphia or New York City and just spend a day soaking in the culture and life of the cities. Looking for something more, historic? Head down to Washington D.C or up to Boston for a fix that is both cultural and educational.

8. Improve your foodie resume. Explore the greatest eats in your area.

9. Kick start your Get into Shape regime. Go for a run every single day, hit the weight room, and drink your green juice. Whatever kept telling yourself you would do eventually, do it now.

10. Sleep in. It may seem like a waste of your break, but you will wish you’d slept a little more once school rolls around again.

11. Live in a new world. Yes, it’s possible, simple and better yet – free! You can easily travel into new world full of adventures, mysteries, romance and fun by picking up an amazing book.

12. Slumber parties all week long! Invite your friends who are also home for break over and enjoy a night in full of the classics; makeovers, movies, manicures and munchies!

Spring break doesn’t have to mean going to a new land and spending an immense amount of cash. It can be a week full of doing the things you love without the immense stress of school. You can always find a way to have fun if you keep your mind open!

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