Little Things that Excite me in Life

I am a simple creature. Everyone who knows me is aware of this. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. If you’d give me warm weather, some chocolate and a day at the beach I’d be good to go. I know that not everyone is as happy-go-lucky as I am but, I noticed that everyone has a “thing”. It could be complete insignificant but, it could bring so much joy and excitement to someone. As an example, one of my friends goes WILD for frying pans. For the average person, pans don’t mean that much, but for her, it makes her so happy. Here are a few of my favorite “things” that make me excited about life. 


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  • Plants

 I didn’t become a plant junkie until my senior year of high school, but once I started I just couldn’t stop! I now have nine plants in my little family and they make my room feel cozy and warm. I love taking care of them, watching them grow, and waking up and seeing them every morning. Just the thought of them brings a smile to my face. If you want to see all of my plants more in detail, I have an article all about them ☺ 


  • Coasters

Although I am quite a fan of roller coasters, those aren’t what I’m talking about! I’m talking about the little square objects you put your drinks on top of. I really don’t know when I started obsessing over them, but I talked about them enough to receive about 4-5 packs of them for Christmas last year. I seriously have enough coasters for an entire neighborhood, but each and every one has its own person and story attached to it to make them special to me. 


  • Sunsets

As I’m sure many of you can relate, sunsets give me an unexplainable joy every time I see one. It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen hundreds and thousands of them throughout my life, a good, quality till take my breath away. They don’t cost anything and they bring a sense of peace to the end of every day. 

  • Dogs

Again, if you know me in any capacity, it’s pretty obvious how much love dogs. They are the most amazing creatures in the world and I could honestly write a novel about how much I love them. At any given time, my puppy fever is absolutely boiling and it takes every ounce of me not to go out and adopt one. I could be having the worst day of my life and being able to pet or even just see a dog makes everything just a little bit better. 

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As you can see, it’s the simple things in life that keep me going. I hope you can identify some of the small, simple pleasures that you have in your own life, and maybe try to make an effort to incorporate at least one of them into your life every day!