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Letter to the NFL

My Letter to the players of the NFL

                I write this article as my letter to the players of the NFL, especially my Dallas Cowboys. Recently, the NFL has been allowing these “demonstrations” of ignorance and kneeling during the National Anthem. The Cowboys did it before the anthem, I understand that. But it still disgusts me that they participated at all.

                The National Anthem and the respect of standing during the anthem is, in today’s world, more for respect for our military and our country. I, myself, come from a diverse military background. I had members that served in the Airforce and the Army. I know old coworkers who are scared to death for their children who are in the Marines and the Navy. These demonstrations not only disgust me, they are preventing me from enjoying this season.

                The players are claiming that these demonstrations are for equality. However, they are blatantly ignoring the equality that is already there. As far as the NFL is concerned, they are representative of the equality between the fans. Fans of all backgrounds and races come together to cheer on their team. They are all one. They all pay the same rates for the tickets and for the food they consume and the beers they drink. They all jibe and argue with one another without seeing color.

         Let’s now go into the players themselves. These pretentious players get paid millions of dollars to throw a ball around on a field and tackle one another. They act out and party with their millions. Let us not even go into the accusations of illicit activity and assaults numerous players face and believe they can get away with. And they want to disrespect our anthem for the sake of equality? I think they need to focus more on their behavior.

                I was never a religious football watcher. I rooted for my Cowboys and would catch a game or two but that was the extent of it. This season, I will not wear anything Dallas and will not be watching any games. I will wait for NBA season and root for my Timberwolves. I just wish to convey my disgust with the NFL franchise and all the players involved.



A broken-hearted Cowboys fan

Hello! My name is Morgan and I am a senior history major at Rowan! I am a huge nerd and am pretty much into anything and everything academic or nerdy. I love to write and draw and read. 
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