I Can Celebrate Christmas Whenever

I can’t believe that Halloween is officially over. As I put away spooky decorations and eat the leftover candy I began to put my Christmas decorations up. That’s right. I’m one of those people. But, before you judge me and my tinsel covered apartment I’d like to explain myself. Christmas season isn’t a time period it’s a feeling. 



There’s a hidden crusade against Christmas. I’m not talking about Starbucks cups or any of those silly battles. (Jokes aside there’s no water in Flint, the earth is dying and Trump’s President why are you protesting cups?) I’m talking about the real crusade where people think it’s funny to make fun of people who celebrate Christmas early. Every year I see people posting that they better not see any Christmas decorations or else they’ll throw a fit. Although I know it’s not meant to be taken literally it’s still annoying. 

Personally I despise the judgment that I get when guests see my Charlie Brown Chrismas tree and smell my pine-scented room. For some reason, like pineapple pizza and pouring milk on cereal, it’s a crime against humanity to celebrate Christmas early.  “Respect Thanksgiving!” the naysayers will say. But if I’m being honest I really don’t like Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to get a little break. I’m thankful (haha) for Thanksgiving but I’d be happy to trade it for another Christmas. In fact, I have no respect for Thanksgiving because it’s the worst holiday of the year. Without fail it’s the day where you argue relatives about your political views, and are interrogated about your life until you can all slink to your respective food comas. Don’t get me started on the lack of vegetarian options. Every year I carb load on mashed potatoes until I’m physically sick. Even the origins of the holiday suck. No amount of holiday specials can convince me that the Natives and settlers were buddy-buddy because they had a meal together. 

Can you blame me for wanting to skip to the good part? Christmas is a pure holiday for me. It’s the time where I can watch cheesy Hallmark movies all day and give gifts to the people that I love. It’s the time where I get a long break off of college and become excited for a new year. It’s no wonder Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. 

But, it’s ruined because people want to pick a fight with someone because of pure excitement. Honestly if celebrating Christmas early doesn’t affect anyone then why bother correcting someone? It’s just negative energy for no reason. So the next time you criticize someone for celebrating Christmas a little too early to hold your tongue. It is the holiday season after all.