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How I Found My Passion in Sports Nutrition

I found my passion in sports nutrition two years ago during the pandemic. Before I transferred to Rowan this semester, I was a nursing major my freshman year, and then I realized that nursing just wasn’t for me. So towards the end of my freshman year during the pandemic I started doing research on nutrition and I knew that I wanted to become a registered dietitian so that I can help people live a healthier lifestyle and feel comfortable within themselves and their bodies.

So once I found out that Rowan had a dietetic program I was immediately sold! I knew that I wanted to work with athletes. Growing up, I was surrounded by my brothers who played sports like football and track and field, so they were the main inspiration for me wanting to follow my passion for nutrition. Ever since, I’ve never been more in love – plus I’m a huge foodie so it worked out well!

One of my main goals for when I graduate from Rowan in five years is to become a sports dietitian and work with professional athletes in the NBA in the future. I’m excited to start my journey to becoming a sports dietitian and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

passionate about nutrition & women in sports and hopes to become an RD so I can help people to live healthy lifestyles. Rowan'26
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