How to Decipher Your Dreams

One of the coolest parts about being a human, in my opinion, is our dreams. Dreams are full of endless possibilities: they break every rule, they can be full of colors or completely black and white, and can incite every emotion there possibly is. They are one of the most individualistic parts about each of us. I have such a deep fascination with dreams, because I constantly have the most vivid, weird, crazy dreams. I love listening to other people’s dreams too; I feel like it gives me a good insight as to the minds of people and who they really are. If I could go to college/make a career out of solely listening to people’s dreams, I would! My fascination with dreams has led to me hear about dreams and research them, and there are quite a few dreams that all people frequently have, or at least have once in their life. Therefore, scientists and others have really tried to get to the bottom of what these dreams really mean. Although dream analysis is still a relatively new science and not very accurate, I think it’s fun to explore the possible meanings behind our most common dreams.

Teeth Falling Out

People commonly have dreams about their teeth falling out, either one at a time or spitting them out by the dozens. I have only had this dream once, but its not something I want to relive anytime soon. Like most dreams, there is a wide disagreement on what it truly means. Some of the most common ideas are that it relates to stress, insecurities, and fear. Whether it be from work, relationships, or sexual desires (oh Freud) it usually just means that there is a change or stressor in your life right now. If you have this dream, I would analyze your life a bit- what/who is causing you stress? What can you do to fix this? How can you calm your worries?

Being Naked

Whether you are at school, in a mall, or at a business meeting, everyone has probably had a dream that they have been naked in a place they definitely should not be. It is embarrassing, strange, and confusing as hell. I have had one too many dreams like this- once I was in a zoo, for some reason- and I never knew why. As expected, this dream relates to ideas of vulnerability, exposure, and humiliation. It really is dependent on what setting you’re in, and how you are feeling in the dream about being naked. If you feel great and confident, perfect! That most likely means you are gaining confidence or in a relationship that’s bringing out more self-confidence in your body. If you are feeling any of the negative emotions listed above, there may be someone/something that is making you feel insecure, and it should definitely be addressed.


Throughout my life, I have had this reoccurring dream where I am standing at the top of my staircase- which is about 13 stairs straight down- and I suddenly decide to jump from the top stair. Right before I hit the ground, my body jerks me awake. Dreaming about yourself falling can have either a physical or psychological meaning. Physically, as your body drifts deeper into sleep and things such as your pulse and blood pressure start dropping, your body may feel as though it is falling, and may cause you to jerk awake. Others speculate that falling dreams mean you are feeling out of control about something or someone in your life, or that you are afraid of some type of loss. It is also important to note the context of yourself falling: did you lose your grip, or perhaps someone pushed you? These can also point to where this out of control feeling is coming from.


If you have a dream about someone close to you or someone you know dying, this does not mean that you are suddenly psychic and can tell the future. Like all of the dreams listed above, this one can be quite common. This may mean that in your life, something is ending- a relationship, a job, a chapter of your life. If you dream about someone close to you, such as a partner, parent, or sibling dying, this may mean that you are worried about them or that you are worried about your relationship with them. Make sure you are spending enough time with them, and that your relationship and their health is secure. If it is a stranger that dies, you may be detaching from parts of your life. If you have a dream about someone that is already dead, this may mean you are headed down a wrong path in your life and may want to rethink some of your latest decisions.

Dream analysis is not an exact science whatsoever, but it is always fun to look into and speculate why all humans seem to share these common dreams. In this world, it is so easy to see how different we all are, but I think dreams are a reminder that we are all much closer than we think. Happy dreaming!