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Winter always destroys my lips. For the second winter in a row, my lips were cracking and bleeding. I had to find some ways to keep my lips looking and feeling smooth and moisturized. I am no expert in lip care, but these products and tips helped me heal my lips.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate!

To keep your lips from getting flaky, scrubbing that dead skin off is so important. This also helps your lipstick look better. It’s important to exfoliate your lips a couple times a week with a lip scrub. My favorite lip scrub is Bite Beauty’s Agave Sugar Lip Scrub. It has a liquid consistency with sugar throughout. It goes on like a jelly and lathers up into a scrub. It exfoliates while the oils moisturize your skin.


I love Chapstick because it feels better than just about any other lip product. Plain old original Chapstick brand is perfect for everyday. When you want something that will give your lips a little more color, tinted lip balms are a great way to make your lips soft and adds a flush of color to make your lips look healthy. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm is a great option at just $5.00. They offer a wide variety of colors and their lip balms are always long lasting. They also use all natural ingredients. Looking for a higher end lip balm?  Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is worth the $26.00. I wear this every single day. Whenever I wear minimal make up, this lip balm brings the whole look together. If you’re looking for a more natural shade, try the shades Sugar Honey or Sugar Nude. There are also bold berry shades as well if you’re into a bolder look.

Lip Masks

When Chapstick isn’t cutting it, lip masks are your best friend. Sephora’s sheet lip masks are just $3.00, which is super affordable compared to other lip masks. If you’re looking for something that sits on your lips for longer, a lip mask that has a thick consistency is something for you. Laneige makes a great lip mask meant for overnight. Put this on before bed, and you will wake up with soft lips. If you’re looking for a lip mask you can wear out, Bit Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask comes in a 4 shades that look just like a lip gloss. Choose from a sheer bronze, red, pink, or clear to look great on its own or on top of a lipstick. The only downsides to this lip mask are its weird taste if it gets in your mouth and its price. I looked for a year for a good lip mask and I kept going to Sephora to get more samples of it. Eventually, I caved and spent the $26.00 because nothing is as good as this lip mask.

Ditch the Matte

Nothing kills your lips like a matte lipstick. No matter how much they claim that they won’t make your lips dry and flaky, they always do. Stick to formulas that leave a satin or creamy finish. Colourpop’s Ultra Satin Lip is a long lasting formula. Although it tends to transfer, it leaves a stain of the color on your lips. If your lips are really chapped, ditch liquid lipsticks overall. Opt for satin finishes of traditional lipsticks. I love the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipsticks. You can find these at your local drugstore. (Try the shade 08, you’ll be obsessed).

Drink More Water

One of the main reasons why lips get chapped is that you’re not drinking enough water. Try keeping track of your water intake. Keeping a conscious effort on how much water you drink is key to not only having healthy lips, but healthy skin and just about everything else!


Madison is an elementary education and literacy studies major at Rowan University. Besides writing for Hercampus and being a Hercampus Trendsetter, Madison is the president of the Eta Psi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, vice president of Rowan's Circle K club, and an Admissions Ambassador. Her hobbies are reading, writing, painting, and drawing. Her favorite things to write about are dating, beauty, and literature.
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