Hipster Food Trends That I’m Dying to Try

Weird Ice Cream

Pictures of ice cream masterpieces are taking over the internet. This summer, I desperately want to try all of them, especially the rose shaped ice cream. It is so pretty and I just hope it tastes as good as it looks.


Avocado Toast

I freaking love avocados and I also love toast… I am actually not sure why I haven’t tried this yet. It sounds perfect.

Foods with Charcoal

I think the appeal of eating charcoal foods is that the color is so completely dark and that it is something you wouldn’t normally think to put in your mouth…. From ice cream, to pizza crust and hamburger buns, I want it all!


Dessert Tacos

Everyone loves tacos! You literally put whatever you want in them and they’re easy to carry around. Whoever made dessert tacos is my savior.

Waffle on a Stick

Waffles are an essential part of my diet (especially since Rowan stops serving other breakfast foods before I even wake up), so the fact that somebody thought to decorate them and put them on a stick is glorious.

These foods all look amazing and I can’t wait to try them all! Bon appetit!