Guy Advice Column: Meeting the Friends

Some people are scared of bringing their significant other home to meet their parents. Sometimes, it's worse bringing them to your friends. Your friends are involved with your personal life and want to know about it. You can talk to your friends about anything and everything. That's the part guys think about. That is the horrifying part of meeting a girl’s friends. So when you mention that you're seeing someone, they feel inclined to meet them and like it's their right to meet them. Herein lies the problem.


Meeting the friends of a girl can end up as a really bad experience. Girls can unanimously decide they don't approve of their partner, which spells trouble for the guy. On the other end, friends of guys will act a little more crude. However, if the friends don't approve, most guys will be stubborn and believe they are right and their friends are wrong. "You guys just don't know her like I do," is a fairly common expression. So before taking anyone to meet your friends, the relationship has to have a chance of being more long-term than short. It normally falls in the first couple months when a guy should meet a girl’s friends. At that point maybe a few close friends can meet him, but it shouldn't be a big deal.


One mistake I see fairly often is getting both sides of friends involved at the same time. I've witnessed it; it's not pretty. The couple stresses about all of them getting along at once and a lot of the time, people won't. Then people argue or just don't get along and it's awkward for everyone. If you really want both sides of friends to meet, start out small, just one-at-a-time. Unless you're getting married, there's no reason to worry about a larger group of people getting along. Since that's a long way away, we don't have to worry about it.