The Glow in Philadelphia

Since we're halfway through October, we are in the heart of the spookiest season. Normally, I try to do little spooky things throughout the month. This semester, I've been especially busy so my partner planned to pack a month of scary celebration into one weekend. As you can imagine, it's been a whirlwind of fun. Most recently, we went to the Glow in Philadelphia. The event features a walk of thousands of pumpkins. Some of them are more general, but others are themed. The one above was part of a love collection featuring Beyonce and Jay Z as well. Although most of the pumpkins we saw were real, these ones were actually carved plastic. 

Believe it or not, some of the designs were easier to see in pictures than in real life. In person, you can still see the outlines of the pumkins themselves. In pictures, the body of the pumpkin usually gets blacked out and you can just see the lit portion. As you can see, I was absolutely amazed by the artwork. There were so many pumpkins with such intricate designs and displays. Some of the pumpkins, like the ones on the arch above, were strung with lights. These dinos were definitely Tom's favorite. We spotted them from across the field and couldn't wait to see them up close. Of course, they played the Jurassic Park theme song, which we were already humming before we got there. I would highly recommend checking out the Glow while you still can. It's open Thursdays through Sundays until the 28th. The Glow is definitely kid friendly, but adults will also have a blast. The carvings are so unbelievable; you need to see them up close. After walking through, you can get some cider or hot coco and watch an artist carve pumpkins live.