Gaming Laptops: HP Omen vs Alienware

Most insiders in the gaming world know that Alienware by Dell is one of the most reputable brands of gaming technologies. These PCs are fierce looking, lightning fast, and display graphics that could make most television companies drool. These PCS go for several grand, the cheapest starting at $1200 (after taxes) at the moment. That PC won’t get you near the “Alienware experience." Some say you aren’t a true gamer until you own one of these prestigious, almost legendary, laptops. However, I disagree. I have played an Alienware, seen what it can do, and do not think it;s better than the one I ended up receiving as a gift, the HP Omen 17” gaming laptop.

Now, some of you may say that because it was a gift I am being biased. Well, I can admit I wanted an Alienware. I was awestruck by them until I managed to get my hands on one a friend had. To make sure I have a full side by side comparison, I pulled up my new HP Omen 17 T at $1099 and the Alienware 17 at $1399. The same “comparable” models to one another.


Both laptops have Windows 10 and Intel i7 processors 7th generation. Both have Nvidia GeForce GPUs 10-X series on a 17.3” display. Both the HP Omen and Alienware have 8GB DDR4 at 2400 MHz memories and 1terabyte hard drives. So far, you have two nearly identical laptops.


The only difference so far is that you pay an extra $300 for the Alienware. Alienware boasts that their newest laptops are designed for VR or virtual reality. HP Omen says nothing about this on either their website or their manual. They do mention “mixed reality” headsets and compatibility.

As far as my own personal HP Omen is concerned, I find it to be the fastest laptop I have ever owned. The Alienware did not fire up as fast as this does. This laptop, the Omen, is also a bit heavier than your normal daily laptop which is something to keep in mind with anything gaming. They are usually heavier and I didn't realize this. Now, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg to get an awesome gaming experience. If you want to be able to say you own an Alienware or you like the fierce looking appearance they present, then by all means. However, please make sure you do comparison shop. There are tons of other very nice, affordable, powerful gaming computers out there (not necessarily the Omen.)

With that, I shall leave you to go enter the world of Civilization V. I hope to be reviewing this game next week. In the mean-time, happy gaming everyone!