Friend or Foe? It’s Time to Let Go

Everyone struggles with friendships at some point of their lives or another, it just seems to be a part of life that no one can really avoid. Sometimes certain people are simply not a positive influence in your life and it starts to be more trouble than it’s worth to try to keep up with the friendship. How can you tell if a friend is not really being a good friend after all? Below are three types of friends that you might want to consider parting ways with…

The Selfish One

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It is definitely okay to put yourself first sometimes, but when it is all the time, the behavior becomes a bit selfish. If your friend is consistently only worried about themselves, they may be a selfish friend. They might only talk about themselves, interrupt you when you’re talking, not ask about you or your life, and always prioritize their interests even if it means trampling all over you.

The Flakey One

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Real friends are reliable friends, friends you can count on to be there to talk to you or hang out with you especially when you really need them. If your friend is not that reliable and flakes out on you frequently, they’re not being a good friend to you. Of course life happens, things come up, and plans fall through from time to time. But if your friend is constantly bailing on you, going MIA, or coming up with excuses for why they don’t have time for you…well you simply deserve much better than that.

The Rude One

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You always want a friend to give you an honest opinion and be real with you, but there is a reallllly fine line with that. When a friend starts giving you their brutal opinions without you asking, it becomes more rude than necessary. Don’t let others belittle you or put you down just because they’re claiming to be “honest." Real friends know to be honest when it matters, and to not be mean about things.

Of course, there are many more types of bad friends but those three were just a few examples. It can be hard to cut ties with friends, especially if you guys go way back. But just because you guys walked around in diapers together does not mean you are obligated to stay friends with them. Make sure you take care of yourself and know your worth; let go of toxic friends to get better ones who are kind, supportive, and uplift you! #nofakefriends2018