First Ever National Period Day

Have you ever been in the bathroom and needed a pad or tampon, but there are none? Or they cost 25 cents and you don’t have a quarter on you. Then you have to stop what you're doing, go home or to a local store and pick up some menstrual hygiene products? Do you think it’s fair that menstruators (people who menstruate) are at a disadvantage because menstrual hygiene products are more difficult to access than toilet paper and paper towels? If yes, then check out what the Period Movement is doing to improve menstrual inequality in women's shelters, prisons, and on campuses. 

On October 19th, 2019, the Period Movement is holding the first-ever #NationalPeriodDay Rally in all 50 states. Click here to find the rally closest to you!

#NationalPeriodDay is “elevating the issue of period poverty and demanding real change to making period products more accessible for all and ending the #TamponTax.”

It is 2019 and yet the normal body function of menstruation is stigmatized. Menstrual hygiene products are still taxed in 35 states while products like Viagra and Rogaine are not taxed. 1 in every 4 menstruators struggle to afford tampons and, “the first city-wide study on period poverty, it was found that 46% of low-income women had to choose between a meal and period products.” 


While people generally consider this solely a women’s issue, it is not. It is a human issue. Which is why we want to remind all those debating coming to the Rally’s that all the  #NationalPeriodDay Rallies are inclusive and open to EVERYONE. 


More about what the rallies will look like: 

Every state has a team of badass people who have been working to organize a successful Rally! The Rally organizers reached out to other organizations with similar messages who can co-host the Rally. They also reached out to activists in their communities who would be interested in being speakers at the Rally. There will be posters and chanting and making some noise! Just enough to get the attention of the policyholders whom we want to urge to create change. It will be an event filled change-makers coming together in communities around the nation to make a difference in our spaces.