Everyday Can Be #TBT

I love a good throwback. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a fashion icon’s stomping grounds. What faux pas have they committed? What can we learn from the literal skeletons in their closet? I recently became obsessed with looking at throwback fashion on a macro level through discovering vintage fashionistas. Although the community is small, the diversity, creativity, and outfit inspo are anything but. Here are a few ladies who don’t just love vintage fashion, but embrace the style in their everyday life.

Karolina Żebrowska

This Polish youtuber is notable for her dedication to and knowledge of fashion of the past. Her iconic looks are usually Victorian, but she dabbles in other eras and discusses the transition and inspiration of fashion of the past as well as today.  

Nora Finds

Nora is a London-based fashionista who is inspired by 1920s fashion. She often fights for Asian representation within the vintage fashion community.

Frankie Sin

What’s fashion without the taboo? Frankie Sin focuses on pin-up burlesque fashion. Although she doesn’t claim to be a fashionista, she performs a burlesque show called “Strange for Hire” that circles around vintage acts.

Keiko Lynn

Keiko is a pastel, vintage blogger with an instagram theme that is sugary sweet. She mixes past fashion with current trends such as Disney bounding.

Pinup Little Bit

This vintage woman of color focuses on pinup fashion. Her instagram features traditional Spanish dresses and of course twenties flair.

Adored Vintage

This account is reminiscent of magazine clippings. Each post is beautifully placed against white backgrounds showcasing beautiful vintage fashions.