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Evan Edinger

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rowan chapter.

Youtube sensation, Evan Edinger has created youtube videos for about 6 years and is up to over 7,000 subscribers. Two of those years, he has heavily involved himself with the Youtube community, making friends on a national and international level. Edinger, had been influenced by watching his idol; Charlie McDonnel. He has already traveled to Los Angels, NYC, and Orlando for Youtube gatherings. After graduating this past May, he is still working with Youtube.

 Bachelors Degree: Math

Class: 2012

Deptford, NJ (currently living in London, England)

Making YouTube videos and music full time. 
Fun Fact: I took far too long to try to come up with a Fun Fact despite the fact that I constantly use that expression on Twitter.

Since graduation were you able to increase your viewers for both of your sites?

Since graduation, I’ve actually been able to exponentially grow my Tumblr following. Over the past month, I’ve discovered some techniques for my YouTube which have resulted in a surge in viewership and subscribers on the site which also jumped over to my twitter as well.  


I saw that you got your passport, briefly one time in Facebook; how has being part of Youtube given you plenty of chances to travel the world? If yes where and for what?
With YouTube I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Orlando, New York City, and Los Angeles for official YouTube gatherings. The British YouTube community is actually a lot more closely knit than the American one, so they have gatherings quite often. I’ve already RSVP’d to 2 English gatherings so far, and I haven’t quite arrived in the country yet! YouTube has allowed me to connect to people from all around the world; that’s my favourite part of it. I have many good friends in England and Canada and even a couple in Australia. It’s so interesting to be able to talk to people across the United States as well as the world. With my sleep schedule, I barely even notice the time difference!


Can you describe a day in your life with Youtube?

My creative process always starts at night, right before I go to bed. I’m laying there about to fall asleep when BAM! I get this great video idea. I lean over to my phone and type it into the notes app and fall back asleep. In the morning I’ll decide whether the idea was actually great or not, and I’ll get to scripting what the video will look like. Most of my videos are heavily scripted, but often times improvisation really adds to the humour. I’ll set up my camera and tripod in my room, turn off the loud A.C. and get to filming the different parts. Filming only takes a half hour to an hour depending on the video. Then comes the editing. Depending on the video, I could be editing anywhere from 5 to 30 hours until I’m happy with it. Once I’ve finished editing the video, I’ll let it export while typing out a future description and the meta tags. Then I’ll create a thumbnail that will represent the video on the site. A lot of times I’ll have another YouTuber friend of mine watch the video before it goes up just for some last minute criticism. Afterwards, I’ll schedule the video to upload for around noon the next day so I can prepare the social network outreach of the video. Add hours of distractions from Tumblr in between each activity, and you’ve just about got my day with YouTube.


What are current video projects you are working on? What do you want to promote?
I currently have 3 videos in the scripting stage that are each about halfway finished. One’s a sketch, one’s a topical vlog, and another is a video I can make in England with a friend. At the moment, I have just finished editing a punny sketch about my future trip to England called “Hipster Tea.” I make some joke callbacks to previous videos of mine near the end, but the video is ridiculous enough for anyone to enjoy. 


What is your favorite Youtube Video that you have made?

That’s so hard to answer. I spent so much time creating my recent music video for my original song “Capo Kissin,'” and I enjoy how it turned out so much that I have half a mind to choose that one. But I also really enjoy my video “Talking to Myself” because the concept was really great, the video is really funny, and because I got the opportunity to make a sketch using 6 different characters. I really enjoy making sketches and I hope I can focus on making more of them in the future. 

Are you still driven to follow a career within Youtube or Math?

You may be surprised to hear that it’s quite possible for me to pursue both of them at the same time. While interning with Big Frame for the short amount of time that I did I got to meet their “math guy” who studied the analytics of the network’s partners as well as current YouTube trends in order to pinpoint possible successful creators and videos. His degree was in Operations Research which is exactly what I got a concentration in from Rowan University. I’d like to think I can also use my future risk management and actuarial science education to work somewhere in the field of online media and/or YouTube. 


Check out his Youtube websites here:

line-height:150%;font-family:”Times New Roman”‘>http://www.youtube.com/user/EvanEdinger


Julissa is currently a senior at Rowan University located in Glassboro were she is a proud sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. from the INVICIBLE theta chapter. She majors in journalism and has a double concentration in International studies and New Media. Julissa hails from Passaic, NJ, even though she is a New Yorker at heart. She strives to become an amazing bilingual writer. She can admit that she has an obsession with nail polish. Julissa in her spare time enjoys volunteering, reading, rock climbing, and movies. To many individuals she is known to be the three Fs: fun, funky and feisty.