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Emojis We Are Glad FINALLY Exist


Thanks to the newest Apple iOS update, we have been blessed with over 150+ new emojis! Some of these additions to the emoji keyboard have been a long time coming, while others are everything we didn’t know we needed! Here are just a handful of the new emojis we are all loving!


The rolling eyes emoji is perfect for a number of situations: when your mom texts you to clean your room, when someone posts a pro-Trump article on Facebook, when you see the one-millionth “artsy” Instagram of a Starbucks red cup!


The upside-down smiley emoji is extremely versatile for expressing happiness as well as pure sarcasm. It has the ability to apply to most situations.




Calling all Star Trek fans, your emoji has arrived! Live Long and Prosper!


In the words of Doge: “much majestic” is the unicorn emoji!


This turkey emoji was released just in time to be in the caption of everyone’s Instagram picture on Thanksgiving! What’s more American than that?!


The popping champagne emoji is perfect for any celebratory event, especially that one day you forgot to do the homework assignment, but the professor canceled class.


Burritos are not a food, they are a lifestyle. The burrito emoji can act as an immediate invitation for Chipotle or Moe’s! Short, simple, and to the point: burrito’s are life!


The taco, burrito’s beloved cousin, is most deserving of an emoji as any other food; and FINALLY after years of demand, it has arrived to the emoji keyboard! It wouldn’t be fair not to taco ‘bout it! Sorry.


Queso. ‘Nuff said. 

A lot of new sports and activities emojis were added in the latest update, but I personally am most thankful for the hockey stick emoji! Finally, with one single emoji, I can let my friends know what I am currently doing!


I’m not really sure what this is or why it was added, but isn’t it great? Float on, Mr. Levitation Guy!


The coffin emoji is the perfect representation of “omg I just DIED!” Taylor Swift just uploaded a new Instagram photo? Coffin emoji. Taylor Swift just had Beyonce guest perform at her concert? Coffin emoji. Taylor Swift. Coffin emoji.


If I were to use emojis to describe my life, it would only consist of this shopping bags emoji. #Shopaholic


What emojis do you think should be added in the next update?!

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