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Dream Jacket, Dream Price

While wandering aimlessly through Goodwill searching for items to make a pirate costume (twas the season), I stumbled upon a jacket. I’d been looking for one similar to it for a long time, though usually only seeing them in stores for a relatively expensive price tag. 

I jumped on the opportunity and it is by far one of my favorite thrifted items ever purchased. I’m not out to brag here; I just want to shine a light on the fact that with a little patience, thrifting can really uncover some gems.

An oversized canvas camo jacket may not seem like the biggest find in the world, but I’m so stoked about it. Everyone has that one thing they always search for and never find and this was really mine.

Honestly, I had hoped I would find a solid olive green one as opposed to a full army print, but the pattern really seems to work just as well! I like styling it with jeans, a solid or striped top, and a pair of flats or booties. I’ve also worn it over a hoodie and leggings and still loved it. It is easily my most versatile piece of clothing.

My advice to you, dear thrifter, is to never lose hope on finding that one item even if it takes yeeears. Also, oversized jackets are the way to go for layering in the fall. I can double up on sweaters under this bad boy and still fit just fine.

Keep an eye out for similar finds! I’m loving the jacket now that the weather is cooling down.

P.S. Excuse the bathroom mirror selfie; taking your own pictures can be hard!


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