Don't Feel Sorry For Me Because I'm Single

A few weeks ago I went to a get together with some of my friends I haven’t seen in a while. We were all catching up and having a great time. Then, they asked me the question that is inevitably asked at so many social gatherings I attend: “So Madison, are you talking to any guys?” “No, not at the moment.” I reply. One of them puts her hand on my arm. “Awww, I’m sorry,” she says so sympathetically.At the moment I shrugged it off, but I wanted to say so much. So now I am going to say it.

Don’t feel sorry for me because I’m single!

There’s no need to pity anyone that doesn’t have an S.O. There is a different type of happiness that someone feels when they are single. I’m not any less happy than someone in a relationship. Sure, having a partner is wonderful and fulfilling too, but the single life is also wonderful.I’ve had so much time to work on myself and learn who I am without the influence of anyone else. I learned the only person that has the responsibility to make me happy is myself. I get to put my energy into friendships, hobbies, and family just like everyone else. I enjoy every minute of it.

All of the time I put into these things has made me so proud of who I am and all I have achieved. I work two jobs (that I enjoy so much it doesn’t even feel like a job), I’m about to graduate and start a profession that I grow to love more every day. I am the president of a prestigious honor society on campus. I spend my weekends volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and various other places. I have so many friends and groups of people I spend time with. I get to come home every day to a loving, supportive family. I have talents that I put time into growing like writing, drawing, and painting.

I am not saying all of this to brag. I am saying this to show that I have so much to be happy for. I cannot think of all of the wonderful things I do, and be sad that I do not have a boyfriend. I have so much in my life, that nothing is missing from it. A significant other will be something else to add to this happiness, not having that doesn’t take away from this happiness.

I have found so much happiness in my romantic relationships, and I do not want to belittle that love. I think we can grow and work on ourselves within a relationship; however, it is in different ways. Being happy or sad in our lives doesn’t always have to do with our relationship status. We put so much pressure on having a happily ever after with someone else. We think happiness is not achieved unless we are in love. We need to realize the hallmark of happiness is happiness within ourselves. When you achieve happiness alone, you will be able to achieve happiness in a relationship. I know in the next relationship I have, I will have so much to offer. I know I am the best person I can be alone, and whoever I date will be lucky to be with someone like me. I know that whoever I date will not be able to take away the power and happiness I have found within myself. 

My advice for anyone is that we shouldn’t make our relationship status affect our outlook on our lives. We should not let it affect our outlook on our friends’ lives. Celebrate our friends when they are happy, no matter what makes them happy. Sympathize when they are sad. We all have different things that make us happy, and none of them are worth any less than the next one.      Don’t feel sorry for me because I’m single. Be happy for me because I’m happy.