DIY: Glue 101

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

I know what you are thinking: “It is summer and the lack of incessant papers and projects has left me with an overwhelming feeling of boredom. What will I do for these sweltering months? How will I occupy myself now that I don't have to write term papers on books I didn't read?” Well, do I have an idea for you! KRAZY GLUE SOME THINGS! I love to use Krazy Glue in my crafts because it's so reliable. 

Ways to Properly Use Krazy Glue
  1. Glue sequins onto a cheap candle, creating the perfectly beautiful bejeweled gift.

  2. Make a cute accessory holder or succulent pot by gluing a tea cup to a saucer.

  3. Fix your floppy shoe heels by dabbing a little glue onto the cracked sole.

  4. Glue a handle back on a broken mug.

  5. Attach fake flowers to a headband or barrette to make the perfect summer accessory!

Ways to Improperly Use Krazy Glue
  1. Get glue on your teeshirt, and then pick the glue off once it dries which creates a large whole right where your belly button is.

  2. Glue your fingers together “just for fun.” It isn't fun.

  3. Make designs with the glue on you and your roommates’ shared coffee table (sorry, guys).

  4. Glue a handle back on a broken mug, and then glue that once broken mug onto the kitchen counter.

  5. Try to glue the cap of the glue onto the glue bottle (c’mon, now you are just being wasteful).

Have fun and get crazy crafty!