Different Type of Studiers You’ll Meet in College

With finals approaching, talking to the people in my classes as well as my friends has shown me that everyone is in drastically different stages of panic- some people are still in denial that finals are even coming up, some are confident that a little studying will get them to that 4.0, and then there are the people guzzling Red Bulls and coffee to pull all-nighter after all-nighter. When you enter college, you see that no two people study alike, and that everyone arrives to their degree very differently. Even though no two people are exactly the same, it isn’t too hard to categorize the several different types of studiers you will more than likely come across in college.

The Elle Woods

This person is the one that you will hate the most, because it seems like they don’t even have to try to get perfect grades. They may get a little stressed here or there, they may never appear to, but either way by the end of the semester you know their transcript is going to be filled with A’s. All you want is to know their secret: how does someone achieve that level of success so effortlessly?? College is a breeze for them, and you know they are the kids your parents wish they had. We all strive for their greatness, but most of us don’t quite get there.

The Hermione Granger

Similar to the Elle Woods, the Hermione Granger will most likely achieve great grades and rise to the top of their class. They, however, get MUCH more stressed and lose a few hairs getting there. Their entire life is consumed by homework, tests, and anything school-related. They never seem to take time for themselves, and they are constantly running around from one thing to another. It can be hard to be friends with a Hermione Granger, especially if you are not as studious as they are- in fact, its near impossible. They only like to surround themselves with people who take school just as seriously or almost as seriously as they do. They will definitely succeed in college, but their social life is usually lacking.

The Gamer

The gamer could not be any more opposite than the first two studiers; they just seem to be in college to be away from their parents. They sit in their rooms all day, playing video games or playing on their phone, and skip classes daily. As a roommate, you can’t believe they haven’t failed out of class yet, or how someone can survive on their diet. Their diet usually consists of soda, takeout, pizza, and lots of candy. Their hygiene isn’t too great, and just overall are not someone you want to be hanging around. By Sophomore year they start weeding out, having failed their first two semesters most likely. The gamer is the last person you want to be on this list.

The Partier

Drinking, drugs, loud music- the classic recipe for making the party animal. These people have been waiting and waiting to get to college so that they could drink all day and party all night. They are always nursing a hangover, and also, like the gamer, amaze everyone by their ability to stay in school. They are always posting on their Snapchat story about their fraternity- because most of the guys like this join one- or have pictures upon pictures of them on Instagram at parties with their besties. There is another form of these people as well, the druggies. The druggies are people that you almost never see sober, who smoke at least once a day, or are taking drugs to keep them “awake and focused”. They barely study and barely seem to pass, although there are those rare ones that can find time to get a few B’s and A’s. Another study type you want to avoid, the partier just doesn’t seem to have a serious switch.

The Denier

Also known as the procrastinator, the denier never wants to come to terms with the fact that finals are coming up and crunch time is here. They pretend they are blissfully unaware of the mountain of homework piling up around them and try to push it off like they’ve pushed everything else off the entire semester. These are the main people that are pulling all-nighters, because they always wait until the last minute to do absolutely everything. You will never be able to wrap your head around the fact that they just consistently wait and wait to do even the simplest of homework assignments, and that they seem to be able to pull it off too. Their grades aren’t as good as they could be if they took more time to do assignments, but they’re higher than you would think. Unfortunately, we all possess a little bit of the denier/procrastinator at some point, whether it be that 20-page paper or that speech for public [email protected].

You might find yourself in one of these categories at some point, because let’s face it, we’re all human and we all aren’t always in the mood to be super productive. Freshman year is a year of mistakes and figuring out what works best for you, so when you become an upperclassman you know what you need to succeed. I wish everyone luck as finals week is approaching, because trsut me, we all probably need it!