The Cutest Cafés in London

Now a days, dining is about more than just sustenance. It’s about the a ambiance and esthetic of these location and the meal. Check out these adorable and appetizing cafes in London! 

Peggy Porschen

On their website, Peggy Porschen is described as “femininity, romance and beauty.” It is a cafe wher, “experience is packed with prettiness and exquisite detail.”


Another popular and pink cafe. Their menu consists of meals as well as bespoke drinks and deserts. El&N has several different locations in london city and they are are thriving. Each franchises decorations are creative and always different the only thing they all have in common is the PINK!

Cafe Laville

This cafe is perched above the area known as Little Venice. It has a beautiful view and a really chill vibe.


Cafes are great for post shopping cool off, to unwind and work, but my favorite excuse to hit up a cafe is BRUNCH! This cafe has the perfect brunch food with indoor and outdoor seat.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

A cute two-story cat cafe with cat themed coffee designs.