Creative Corner: How I Wonder What You Are

I knew it was night when I felt the familiar pull…that feeling -you know, the pulling one- is what awakens me from my daytime slumber. I go along compliantly with the tug, and wait for my arrival on the Earth. Ah, yes, the wonderful planet Earth. How graciously those tiny creatures that dwell upon it go about: in groups or alone, boisterously or soundlessly, happy or sad. Always moving, always moving… that is, of course, until I come along. Then, they all hurry, as if an invisible hand shoos them away, towards their dwelling places, their homes; they put their heads down and dream. They rest their minds, bodies, and souls; they drift to faraway places where no harm can be done to them. How might I know all this? Simple. I watch. I mean, really, what else is there to do? All I do for hours upon hours is sit in the sky, waiting to be pushed back into space until the next night arrives. Not that I’m complaining…oh no, never think that I don’t completely and absolutely adore sitting in my little spot in the sky. It’s wonderful up here, seeing all the cities of the world sparkle on that beautiful planet, almost like they never want their homelands fully enveloped in darkness. I know how those humans fear the dark and all the mystery that comes with it. They fear what lurks behind them; they fear what can’t be seen, what can’t be known. However, as pompous as this may sound, I know they like me. Yes, they enjoy the way I look, lighting the darkness in splashes all throughout their sky. They like the shapes I form, the colors I show. In fact, some humans rather enjoy sitting in the mystery of darkness and fright just to watch me shine. Some even take their loves, their personal lights in the darkness, and dance under my gaze. Oh, how much I love their dance and praise. Some of them even believe I hold deeper meanings, that I hold the key to their future…can you believe that?! Me, holding all the answers to their trivial questions…but, there is one thing that those humans fiercely believe that makes me love them, love their innocent and heartwarming minds. When some are standing beneath me, staring up into my glowing heart and mind, they wish. They wish for good things to come to them, to others; they wish for happiness and health, and for many more years of life on their planet. And trust me, I try. I wholeheartedly try to make their fleeting lives as best as possible. Whatever they may wish for, I try to give them what they want. Unfortunately, I am not that higher power that they seek. I am not what they believe is making all of their choices for them, deciding whether or not they get to live another day or if they join me up in the sky. I am what I am, either with many others or twinkling bright and happy by myself. All day I sleep, all night I shine. Day after day, year after year, I am a star in the galaxy above.

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