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“Colors” Poetry Series: Chapter One “Red”

This collection of poems is from chapter one of the poetry book, “Colors” by Jennifer McGraw. If you are interested in purchasing this book, it is available in the Barnes and Noble bookstore here.

I thought about it last night
into this morning
how it felt
to have your lips on mine
it wasn’t like in those fairytales and princess movies
where the handsome prince
kisses the princess
because it is a happily ever after
you and i were two souls
that connected way before our own lips did
this happened ever so thankfully by chance
that would soon create a domino effect
of other wonderful things between us
and maybe after all, this truly was our happily ever

like i said.
i love red roses
so while i walked through a field of red roses
i was completely oblivious to the scratches
up and down my legs and shins

– unnoticed red flags

gave my heart and soul into theater
from such an early age, my first show
knew this was something i’d do
for the rest of my life
everyone thought i was crazy
but i continued to act and sing and dance

theater story pt. I

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