Clothes I Wish I Were Wearing This Fall

I've been really into striped trousers lately. Maybe it's because I'm so short; I love the elongation and the class they add.

Since I went to Catholic school, I was vehemently opposed to plaid skirts in and immediately after high school. However, I've definitely come around since then. I mean, how could you hold anything against that skirt? 

This tee is the perfect amount of spooky for Halloween without being cheesy. I feel like I could wear this throughout the season, rather than JUST the week of Halloween. 

Plaids scream fall. I especially enjoy the mix of cool and warm tones in this top; it could be paired with so many bottoms!

This is quite a reach. I mean, it's Zara--come on! I just think that tweed jackets have a very British and/or college-y feel that I've always associated with fall.