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From The Closet: Turning Summer Clothes Into Fall Gear

The cold weather is hitting us sooner than we thought. Try to think on the bright side though: at least all the cute boots and scarves can emerge from our closets and be incorporated back into our wardrobe. The easiest and most versatile pieces and accessories seem to be scarves, boots, leggings and the layered look.

Since we've been transitioning into the fall season, most of us still have some spring and summer clothes lying around. Worry not; there is a way to take your summer clothes and fall them up for the season.

Tip 1: Take a pair of summer shorts and pair them with dark tights or leggings. Next, add some boots or flats to finish the look.

Tip 2: With all those tank-tops you haven't worn since summer, it’s as easy as one, two, three to make them useful and appropriate once again by throwing on a sweater or a flannel button up (a cute cardigan that would work perfectly for this can be found at American Eagle in the Deptford Mall. A bright blue one with long sleeves to keep you warm goes for $39.50).

Tip 3: Add a scarf to any t-shirt to give it an autumn look (with little to no effort). What I love most about scarves is their ability to be paired with so many shirts. The trick is to start your scarf collection with neutral colors like brown, tan, gray, black, and cream. Charlotte Russe offers an abstract line infinity scarf for only $9.50. What a steal!

Tip 4: Keep the shades on. Just because it’s not summer and you’re not going to the beach doesn’t mean sunglasses are out. Aviators have been all the rage around campus and they don’t need to cost $200 to be stylish (I found a flattering pair of silver aviators at Aeropostale for $9.75).

Fall is a fun time to layer your spring and summer clothing along with some fun fall accessories- that way you're not forced to do a complete overhaul of your closet. All the stores mentioned are right at the Deptford Mall which is only a 15-minute drive from campus. Have fun mixing and matching outfits for class while enjoying what's left of the fall weather.

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