A City Like No Other: My Weekend in Boston

On Thursday, November 30th, my four friends and I ventured from Glassboro, New Jersey, all the way to Boston, Massachusetts for a weekend trip. We were invited by our close friend as part of a networking opportunity to tour the Google site in Boston and gain insight on the success behind Google. We also got to eet business men and women and explore the amazing sight. Our adventures that weekend were ones like no other, making Boston my top city I have ever been to!

In order to get to Boston, we all took a Greyhound bus from Philadelphia, which stopped quickly in New York.

View from our bus as we drove over the Hudson river.

For any future trips, I highly recommend Greyhound; you get one checked bag and one carry on for free and the tickets were around $35 round trip! After getting to our hotel, we hit a minor speed bump; the hotel wouldn’t allow us to check in because we were all under 21, so we had to switch hotels last minute. Note to anyone under 21: read the fine print before deciding on a hotel! This did end up working for the best, as the new hotel was right in the heart of the city, allowing us to go exploring all night!

Quincy Market, famous in Boston.

We quickly unpacked our bags and got settled in -- eager to explore the city. We found an amazing market, ate really good yet very expensive ice cream, and visited famous sites such as the site of the Boston Massacre. After hours of roaming around, we decided to head back to our hotel to get ready for the next day.

Beautiful lights in a marketplace in Boston. 

The next day, we headed off to Google! We were there from 12-6, exploring the amazing site and learning valuable information about business and collaboration (if you want to hear all about our Google trip, read Ashley Hermansen’s article!)

Google headquarters in Cambridge.

Leaving Google, we did not want the day to end so quickly, so we decided to go bowling and the loser had to buy the winner their dinner. I lost, naturally. After bowling, we went to a nearby pub to have some burgers and fries and ended up exploring Cambridge a bit more, since we hadn't been there yet. We explored high end stores, sat in Teslas, and pretended we had more money than we really did. Eventually, we headed back to our hotels, drained from our adventures.

Saturday, December 2nd, was our last day in Boston. We checked out of our hotel at 12, grabbing breakfast at a nearby coffee shop, Ogawa Coffee. There, I had easily the best hot chocolate of the trip and a yummy chocolate croissant. For anyone going to Boston, I highly recommend it. We had a few hours to kill before our bus departure, so we decided to find a little magazine stand and buy as many scratch off lottery tickets as we could. I only won about two dollars, but one of our friends won almost $50! It was a fun, simple way to pass the time and it made the end of the trip just as fun as the beginning. Soon after, we left Boston, arriving back home around 10:30pm. Although our one friend lost his luggage, there were relatively no bumps coming home. Since then, we got his luggage home safely, but we all are wishing to go back as soon as possible. If you have the travel bug and are itching to explore a new city, Boston is the place to be!