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Campus Cutie: Joe Lehocky ’14

Ladies, if you want to meet a genuine and kind hearted guy at this school (they do exist) Joe is your guy! He’s not afraid to be goofy and is one of the sweetest guys. He’s heavily involved with many organizations on campus and would do anything for a friend. These are just some of the reasons he’s this week’s campus cutie.

Year: Senior 2014

Hometown: Middletown, NJ: it is about 1 hour and 30 minutes north of Rowan

Major: Public relations major/advertising minor

Plans after Rowan: Pursue graduate school to earn a Masters in Counseling in Educational Settings

Jobs/clubs/organizations involved with: Resident Assistant, Admissions Ambassador, Organ Donor Day Director for Rowan’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), Prof Talks Speaker, and Intern at the Office of Media and Public Relations

Astrological sign:  Aquarius

What’s your idea of a perfect date? Sitting on the beach watching the sunset, maybe some wine (if they are 21 of course), cheese is good too, and sandwiches.

Where can you be found on campus? Studying or at the student center talking with friends is where you will usually find me.

What’s your life’s motto?  Stay in the present moment and do not dwell.  Everything in life happens for a reason, and there is a lesson to be learned from every situation.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment? The differences I have made in other students’ lives as a student leader on campus.  I know it sounds cliche, but seeing how you help others means much more to me than a position title or an award.  Positions come and go; awards are won by someone new the following year, but an impression you make on someone, that can last a lifetime.

Tell me a weird fact about yourself: hmmm… I can tummy roll, and I am one of many Joe’s in my family.  My dad is Joe, Mom Jo-Ellen, Uncle Joe, Grandpa Joe, Great Grandpa Joe, and have a Cousin Joe! 

Hello! My name is Laurie Toich and I am a senior at Rowan University. I am a Writing Arts major with specializations in Creative Writing and Technical/Professional Writing. In my spare time I like spending time with my friends, working out, and writing. In the future I hope to be a published novelist and poet. I believe that if you follow your passion it will never lead you astray! 
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