Best Plants for your Room

If you’re anything like me, then you absolutely love plants. I’m a self-proclaimed “plant mom,” and I’m proud of it. However, I live a very busy life in college where I often go days without watering or taking care of my plants. Thankfully, there are so many different plants (other than your typical succulents) that are low maintenance and nearly impossible to kill.

  1. 1. ZZ Plants

    ZZ plants are adorable and super easy to take care of. They only require being watered three times a month. They don’t need a ton of sunlight, and they don’t attract bugs.

  2. 2. Air Plants

    Air plants are some of the coolest and most trendy plants on the market right now. They don’t have any soil and are sustained through moisture. They just need to be misted with water about once a week. The best part is they come in all sorts of decorative plant holders!

  3. 3. Pothos

    Pothos are awesome to have because they thrive in a variety of light. They have a ton of air purification qualities, so they help you breathe better. The best thing, though, is that you can keep them in a cute little pot or hang them!

  4. 4. Snake Plants

    Snake plants are probably the easiest plant to take care of. They love bright and indirect light, but they also survive in low lighting situations. They only need to be watered once the soil is totally dry, and they can grow so much if you really put in the love and effort.