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Autumn Brown

Today’s campus cutie is Autumn Brown! Autumn is nineteen and a sophomore electrical and computer engineering student. She lives in the freshman dorms as a Resident Assistant, and she says the job keeps her very busy; the residents make it worthwhile. When she is not attending to her RA duties or studying, she enjoys drawing, playing the French horn, or playing tennis. If she’s watching movies, it’s probably a Disney or superhero movie (her favorite hero is good old Captain America). When it comes to books, her favorite is the Percy Jackson Series. Her favorite food is mozzarella sticks, and her favorite season is not autumn–it’s spring.

Her favorite color is white, which makes sense, considering her favorite animal is the cow. I asked her “why cows?” (it’s not the most common favorite animal,) and she said it was because cows are “absolutely adorable and the most majestic animal I’ve ever seen.” Autumn’s love of animals doesn’t stop at cows. At home she has eight dogs and seven cats. Among them includes Chewie, named for Chewbacca from Star Wars, who is over 200 lbs and believes he is still a lap dog. She also has a cat that hides beneath couches and when people walk by, he leaps out from the shadows to latch onto their feet! He won’t let go, and will be dragged across the floor if you keep walking. Autumn says “it’s really cute, but it hurts.” He’s the funniest of the cats. Nearly all of Autumn’s animals are rescues too. 

When asked if she had any dreams or goals, Autumn said she really just wants to make a difference in someone else’s life, but do so anonymously. She prefers her good work to stand on its own and to not take any credit. She also had some wise advice for freshmen: Don’t think you are stuck where you are, there are opportunities out there to make a change if you take them. So try something new and get out of your comfort zone!  



Here’s Autumn next to a delightful bulletin board she made for her hall!

Fun Extra Questions for Autumn!

Q: If you could be a pizza what would you be?

A: Meat Lovers because I’m so delicious.

Q: What sitcom family would you be a part of?

A: The family from the The Middle. It’s basically my life, and they have appliance problems all the time like my family does.

Q: What word would you add to the dictionary?

A: Routinical, meaning to “do something routinely” 

Q: What would be your superhero power?

A: To read minds or manipulate people’s minds. (It would make her job as an RA a lot easier!)

Q: If you could swim in any liquid what would you swim in?

A: Arizona Green Tea.

I'm a Writing Arts major at Rowan, and I love stories. I love telling them, I love reading them. I hope to contribute to creating good storytelling for others to enjoy, whether it is as an editor or author. Being part of writing communities, like HerCampus or my campus literary magazine (Avant) is just so rewarding.
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