9 Women Artists to Follow on Instagram

Monica (earth_to_monica)

Monica was probably one of the first artists I started following on Instagram because of her 3-D style images. Her work is sexy and fun, with depictions of women in latex to overlapping rainbow girls. She explores the beauty, sexuality, duality, and humor of women through beautiful and empowering art. Also, her artwork is just as beautiful in person if you buy one like I did!

Sally Hewett (sally_hewett)

Sally Hewett uses embroidery to depict conventionally grotesque aspects of the human body, making us question what we find uncomfortable. As she states, “Are some characteristics of bodies inherently beautiful, or ugly, or disgusting? Or because we see everything through the veil of culture, fashion, and convention, is it almost impossible for us to see bodies objectively?” I love her work because it is unique not only in its subject matter, but also in its three-dimensional application of embroidery.

Ruth Speer (septemberwildflowers)

Ruth Speer’s paintings are gorgeous and, honestly, just really cool. I love her Instagram because you witness the progression of her work and the various stages the pieces go through before the final product is completed. I also love how you can see Speer’s own style within her work, showing the influence her style has in her work and personal life.


Gabriela Mendez (gabrielamendezphotography)

Gabriela Mendez. Wow. Her color schemes. The use of water. Images of beauty. Can you tell I love her work? Mendez’s photography mainly depicts close up images of faces with monochromatic color schemes. My favorite pieces are those that use makeup to connect the depicted individual with their background.


Lee Price (leepricestudio)

Lee Price creates photo-realistic oil paintings that are awe-inspiring in their hyperrealism and artistic composition. I was initially attracted to Price’s work when I saw pieces from her Women & Food Series — who doesn't want to eat a whole chocolate cake while taking a bath?! Recently, I fell in love with her five Surfacing paintings. They evoke feelings of vulnerability and panic, while expressing the beauty of human emotion.


Claudia (jeanneclart)

Claudia is an Italian illustrator that uses a minimalist style to depict images of female life. Her pieces can range in composition from black and white to colored, depending on the theme of the piece. My favorite image is one of a distressed naked women being critiqued by body-less hands.


Maria Uve (maria_uve_)

Maria Uve is an illustrator that uses analogous colors to depict women in unique and interesting ways. Her color schemes are enchanting, especially when viewed collectively on her Instagram page. Check out the blue tattoos on her illustrations!


The Women Who Draw (thewomenwhodraw)

The Women Who Draw is a collective that displays the work of female illustrators. They have a large variations of styles and artists featured. This is a great page to find new illustrators!


Curated by Girls (curatedbygirls)

Curated by Girls is a collection of intersectional feminist art pieces. They typically feature works that focus on femininity, masculinity, and nudity, as well as the grotesque. Like The Women Who Draw, this is an awesome resource to find artists and interesting works.