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5 Top College tips of the Week

Hey everyone hope you all had a great summer! For many of us transitioning from summer break to fall term can be difficult especially for new students. I want to give you 5 tips that have helped me over the years.

Tip # 1: Get a Planner
Although it may seem like you dont need one at this moment. Trust me, it will make your life and your week go alot easier if you got one.  The key to a planner is the upkeep. Make sure to write down all due dates, important meetings and events. It will make your college years more enjoyable once your organized.

Tip # 2: Time management
I dont want this topic to sound like a broken record, but time managemet is essential to living a productive college life. Good time magement skills can prepare you for your future career.

Tip # 3: Maintain a healthy diet
Eat small portioned meals, perferably three times a day. By eating three times a day and keeping a well balanced diet you can feel yourself more organized and feeling healthy.

Tip # 4: Join an extracurricular activity
Joining extracurricular activities is the best method,  to not only help build your resume but network with different people. Check out this link for a listing of clubs Rowan has to offer


Tip #5: Meet with your advisor
The earlier you meet with an advisor, the more happier you will be later on. Advisors can help guide you best in these hectic college years.  For those who are undecided an advisor can help you choose a major and help you pick out courses that are considered general education courses needed to graduate Rowan. Rowan advisors could be found withing your college department. Another cool means advising program is the GRAD REPORT, which can be assesible through the student self service banner. With the GRAD report you can for yourself, which track you are on and make sure your taking the accurate courses needed to complete your major. However, this program should not replace an actual advisor.

Keep reading Collegiettes and Collegants for future weekly tips!!

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