5 Things to do Around Glassboro

When people from all over the state come to Rowan University, I always hear the same five words: “There’s nothing to do here!” As a South Jersey native, I find that statement far from true. Although the Glassboro area may be different from many other places in the state, there’s certainly things to do if you look hard enough. To solve this problem, I’ve created a list of things to do in the area. Whether you’re new to South Jersey or you have friends visiting you, these places will surely knock your socks off!

Fahrenheit Ceramic Studio

Pitman, NJ

Located right on Broadway Street in Pitman, this cute downtown will charm you! Choose from an array of ceramic objects and spend the day painting them however you’d like. This activity will pass a lot of time and you’ll get a cute little keepsake out of it too. While you’re there, be sure to check out all of the mom and pop restaurants and shops.

Pop Shop

Collingswood, NJ

Getting tired of the caf food? This place will surely remind you what delicious food tastes like! The Pop Shop is a 50’s theme diner with an adorable atmosphere. With menus that look like newspapers and paper 50’s hats, you’ll love the experience of this place. Hot items on the menu are the grilled cheese, pancakes, and milkshakes. There’s even vegan options here. Collingswood also has adorable shops to check out! Definitely take a day to explore this town!

Heritage Vineyards

Mullica Hill, NJ

Twenty one and looking for fun? Heritage Vineyards the place to go! Enjoy the year round outdoor seating, live music, and beautiful scenery that this place has to offer. I love coming here with my friends and chatting for a bit while sipping wine and cheese.

My favorite thing to buy is the Sweeter Side flight. It’s a tower of glasses with their sweetest wines. The sugar plum and caramel apple wines will have you obsessed with this place!

Bonesaw Brewery

Glassboro, NJ

Not a wine person? Bonesaw Brewery is right on 322. All of the beers are brewed on sight and there’s a big glass window where you can see the whole brewing process as you sit. The ambiance is very rustic and chic. My personal favorite beer here is the White Queen. The seasonal beer, Pumpqueen has a cinnamon coated rim. As someone who doesn’t like beer, I’ve found beers that I’ve liked here. While you’re here, try the taco truck outside! The nachos compliment any beer perfectly!

Delsea Drive In

Vineland, NJ

The ONE and ONLY drive in movie theater in New Jersey happens to be located just 40 minutes down Delsea Drive! Take advantage of it and check it out when Glassboro is blessed with nice weather. For just $11.00 you can see a double feature of two movies. Gather a group of friends, bring blankets and pillows and enjoy a whole new experience of watching movies!