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5 Signs You’re a Hockey Player’s Girlfriend

Chances are if you’re dating a hockey player you probably never expected to be apart of a world so different than your own. I have been an avid hockey fan even before meeting my current boyfriend, but being a hockey player’s girlfriend has given me a new appreciation for the sport and the behind the scenes action. Here are 5 signs you are the proud girlfriend to a hockey player:


1. You won’t be surprised to know that some nights out of your week are spent at the rink.

You attend every one of his games you possibly can, and this has paid off. You know exactly where the best seats are, made friends with the person behind the snack stand, and know each player by the way they skate. In fact, you’re such a regular that you basically have a reserved parking space.

2. You have suddenly been given the position as the official photographer for his hockey team.

You’re not sure how or when you were given this role, but all of a sudden you’re the go-to person for action-shot profile pictures for the entire team. “Did you get a picture of me scoring?” will become a normal postgame question for you to be asked. You occasionally debate on whether or not you should be paid for your services.

3. About 25%, if not more, of your conversations revolve around hockey in some aspect.

Whether its regarding his intramural league or the NHL, you can expect at least some mention of hockey at least once a day. Occasionally you will not even be aware you’re talking about hockey until halfway through the conversation. You will know more about hockey statistics than you ever wished to have known.

4. If he goes with you to Target, you better expect to go with him to hockey shops.

You’ll completely understand what you look like shopping in the Target deals section when you see your boyfriend walking through an aisle of hockey sticks. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty hilarious.

5. You’re always ready to defend him whenever a player on the opposing team is getting a little too aggressive with him.

Hockey is a sport known for it’s “chippy” nature. Players are expected to use their bodies to defend and attack opposing players, but occasionally there will be a player who is getting too touchy for your liking and you’re prepared to give him a piece of your mind.

Whether its spending time at the rink or watching hockey on television, there’s nothing more special than supporting your significant other and their passions. Every moment shared together is another one that brings you two closer as a couple.

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