5 Perfect Dates for You and Yourself

“‘Who am I? Why am I here? What does this all mean?’ Bleh.” In the spiritual and effervescent words of Emma Stone’s Easy Acharacter, Olive Penderghast, existential crises can be… boring? Overdone? Cliché?

Ditch that whole misunderstood teenager sob story and date yourself instead. You'll find out a lot about your interests, goals, and dreams. You'll begin to understand the way you think and what you want without another’s opinion influencing your thoughts and decisions. And, of course, and this is probably the most worthwhile—you will never, ever have to compromise on where to eat. Score!

So, put on an outfit that makes you feel good, think of something you like, and put yourself out there. Who knows? Maybe you will fall in love with yourself. 

Here are my and my friends’ favorite dates ideas for some quality time to do with the most important person in your life—yourself: 

Philadelphia Museum of Art

I love art and art history, so one of my favorite things to do is go to the gorgeously curated Philadelphia Museum of Art. I make a playlist, pop in my headphones, and wander around the museum. Each time I go, I find something new in the collection, or look in awe at the special exhibitions. When you go alone, you are able to craft your own opinions and emotional responses to monuments without the influence of others’ thoughts. Walk amongstthe greats and find what speaks to you.

On Wednesday nights (after 5:00 PM), as well as the first Sunday of every month (all day), the PMoA’s admission fee is “Pay What You Wish.” On my minuscule budget, even $14.00, the typical admission for students, can be kinda steep for admission alone. On Pay What You Wish Admission days, I usually give $5.00. Between the admission, parking ($5.00 when you validate your pass at the museum), and the toll into the city ($5.00), I am able to treat myself like the art hoe queen I am. 

Going to the Cinema

Okay, I know it is more colloquially known as the “movies” or the “movie theater,” but why not indulge your pretentious side and traverse to the cinema. Sure, you might be watching the latest Pixar or Marvel flick, but why not grab your faux fur muff, bejeweled ballgown, and opera glasses (okay so we all know they are really just your outdated glasses from six years ago, but why not be ~fancy~ and embrace the life of the elite). Sneaking a bottle of wine in your purse is a plus. 

Arboretum and Vegan Restaurant 

One of my best friends suggested this date idea because it is something she doesn't normally do with her S.O. Walk amongstthe trees admiring all Mother Nature has done for us. The Morris Arboretum is relatively close by and breathtakingly beautiful. Then, support the environment by eating ethically delicious dishes at your choice of vegan restaurant. 


Reading in bed is just an average Tuesday. Why not spice it up by heading to a new bookstore, grabbing a coffee, tea, or hot coco, and cozyingup with any of the fantastic books surrounding you. After you’ve read to your heart’s content, treat yourself to a new book. On your way home, buy yourself some flowers that are just as beautiful as you. 

Take out, Movie, and Masturbating 

Need a quiet night in? One of my friend’s favorite date night with himself is getting his favorite Italian takeout, watching Netflix, and having some intimate “me time.” Throw in a couple candles and a joint, and I honestly couldn't think of a better night.