5 Guys You'll Date and Wish You Hadn't

Mr. No-Passions

He’s the big man on campus, and when you walk around with him, everyone dabs him up and stops to say hi. You probably met him at a party while you were drunk out of your mind, or he was your freshman-year-drug-dealing neighbor. He’s a great kisser and really fun, but he has a BAC that’s constantly higher than his GPA and thinks he’s just going to finesse his way to success.


Sir Sweetheart

This is the guy you definitely shouldn’t hook up with because you don’t really know what you want and he’s so so so nice. If you break his heart, it would be the equivalent of kicking a baby bunny. He’ll always be down to hangout with you, but you’d rather be watching Grey’s Anatomy with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Does that make you a bitch? Eh.

Chad the Brick

This guy has probably hooked up with at least thirty girls this week alone and keeps calling you by the wrong name when he tries to ask you for your homework before class starts. He flirts like a horny thirteen-year-old and his biggest pick up line is “u up?” Definitely going to college because it’s the “wave."

Your Complicated Best Friend

RED ALERT. This one’s hard. Most of the times, there’s way too much happening there and it’s definitely going to cause weirdness in your friend group. You thought he was “like a brother to you” but when he lifted his arms above his head, and exposed his abs under his shirt? Damn. < honestly if anyone has figured out how to date their bff successfully without weirdness, props to you.

Dr. Break-Your-Heart

This one will hurt. He’s perfect. Driven, happy, fun, smart, and so hot. He’s so charming, but after a few months of bliss, he backs out with no explanation. Ouch. And then all of your friends have to eat sad ice cream with you because they thought that he’d be the one too.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe the ONE is out there but damn… getting through some of these types of guys makes it hard to want to keep looking! Have fun and good luck- your Mr. Perfect is somewhere looking for you.