5 cute date night ideas at Rowan on a budget

Tis the season for cute date night but we are all on a budget let’s be real. So here are some cute low-cost date night ideas for Rowan. 


Going to the top of the parking garage with Hot Cocoa: 

The 7-floor parking garage has a great view of campus but it can get chilly. So bundle up and bring hot Cocoa. 

Going to the Christmas Tree in the Town Square once they light it up: 

This square is so beautiful and romantic during the winter season. Just take a blanket lay in the grass and look at the stars.

Winter Popcorn Mix and Netflix: 

Netflix and Chill are never really out of season but spices up your popcorn a little. Crush some peppermint and add it to the mix. Drizzle some caramel or chocolate on top and add some peanuts to the mix! 

Go to Westby (our art building) and Paint together: 

You do need equipment for this!! But if you have paint and one canvas you both can create something magical together!


Go to a Farm or Botanical Garden: 


There are so many farms around campus so if you have a car, hop in it and go plant and tree shopping. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s a fun little adventure to have!