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27 Song Covers That You Should Definitely Check Out


                Yes! There is nothing better than hearing one of your favorite artists cover another one of your favorite artists’ songs! Or maybe you’re just not a fan of the artist they are covering and you want to hear it sound so much better. Either way, it’s a pretty awesome trend that’s been happening over the course of the years. Here are some of them that if you have not seen before, you should definitely check out.

1.Hayley Williams from Paramore- Bad Romance by Lady Gaga: I know what you’re thinking. A punk rock band like Paramore covering lady Gaga? That’s right! She did it and it is absolutely beautiful.

2.Fall Out BoyUptown Funk by Mark Ranson and Bruno Mars: Seriously, this one is not only really good and funny.

3.HalestormAlso Bad Romance: There’s that song again! Those of you who are not familiar with Halestorm, they are a hard rock band fronted by the very talented Lzzy Hale whose ability to make a song their own is phenomenal. You probably never would have imagined that song the way they make it sound. It’s amazing!

4.Fun and Hayley WilliamsSomebody That I Used to Know by Gotye: There she is again! Of course she’s here again, she has a great voice, and you can never count Fun out either.

5.Kelly Clarkson- Shake It Off by Taylor Swift: How can you make a list of song covers without the original American Idol? She definitely adds her own spin on the song by calling it the church version” of the song, and it’s pretty amusing and really good.

6.Paramore- Use Somebody by Kings of Leon: Hayley Williams again? You just can’t get rid of her she’s so good.

7.Bruno MarsImpression Skit on Saturday Night Live: Although this is a skit, you probably don’t think it’s a song cover. Technically it is because he is covering a variety of songs. In this skit, it seems like just another day working at Pandora internet radio. When all of the sudden, the power goes out! While the power goes out, the Green Day (who would’ve thought), Aerosmith, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Louie Armstrong, and Michael Jackson stations shut down. It is now up to Bruno Mars, or Devin the intern to save the day by doing all these impressions! I must say he does a really good job too!

8.Kelly ClarksonStay With Me by Sam Smith: So not only Kelly Clarkson the queen of song covers, but she’s pretty good artistry as well. Seriously, this actually sounds like it’s her own.

9.HalestormGet Lucky by Daft Punk: Hey there they are again! Bet you never imagined a band like Halestorm covering this one. You probably never imagined this song in the way. They totally reinvent the song and it sounds super awesome!

10.30 Seconds to MarsBad Romance (again): Artists love to cover this one it seems! It’s on the list three times, and it’s covered in three different sounds (four if you count Gaga herself), and it sounds good either way you hear. It’s pretty amazing!

11.WeezerViva La Vida by Coldplay: Weezer is awesome! Rivers Cuomo has an awesome voice! Enough said!

12.Kelly ClarksonLose Yourself by Eminem: What? Kelly Clarkson doesn’t rap! No, she doesn’t. She sing the song the way Eminem would rap. Sure, she skips over some of the lyrics, but you have to give her credit for trying. Again artistry!

13.HalestormEmpire State of Mind by Jay-Z: Here’s another rap song being covered by a singer. Halestorm is just really good at this. They can reinvent anything they want. In all honesty, this is the most interesting one on the list.

14.Bruno Mars- Valarie by Amy Winehouse: After Amy Winehouse died, Bruno Mars did this one as a tribute to her at the VMAs. I she would be very pleased with it if she was still alive today.

15.Breaking BenjaminEnjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode: For those of you who don’t know, Breaking Benjamin is a grunge-style band fronted by Mr. Benjamin (as the name suggests) Burnley. They put a great spin on this electronic nineties hit and I know I keep saying this, but it’s great hearing songs in a different style.

16.SeetherCareless Whisper by George Michael: Like a lot of these, we have two very different styles (you’re probably tired of seeing that statement, I know I’m tired of writing it) you have a very pop style romantic sounding style, and then you have the grunge hard rock style. You couldn’t get any more opposite, but either way it sounds great!

17.Kelly ClarksonCreep by Radiohead: It’s just nice to hear a female to sing this song. It’s not just males who feel like they’re a “creep”. Females can feel that same way, so it’s interesting to hear her sing it.

18.Carrie UnderwoodAlone by Heart: This is the first American Idol cover I picked out. This was an incredible performance of hers while she was on the show. For a country singer singing a hard rock, it was great. Simon even said that after that performance that Carrie would win the whole show. Simon couldn’t be anymore right.

19.ShinedownSimple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd: First of all, no one ever knows how to spell that! This is a great song no matter who sings it. It has that really nice be yourself message. Whether you hear it in a country rock or grunge style, the message is still very powerful. Besides, it’s nice to hear Shinedown’s softer side.

20.ParamoreMy Hero by The Foo Fighters: I love the acoustic sound Paramore gives this song. I also love that it sounds like a softer song. It sounds good with that harder sound the Foo Fighters give it too, but I love the artistry (that’s another one I’m getting tired of writing)

21.Chris DaughtryWanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi: This man’s voice is fantastic! How did he not win that season? I love the hard rock sound he gives to this song. This cover helped paved the way in his career to become probably the most successful contestant of his season. See, you don’t need to win American Idol to be awesome.

22. Kelly Clarkson- What About Love by Heart- American Idol winners sure do love Heart. Not only did Carrie Underwood do an amazing job covering Alone but Kelly Clarkson killed it with What About Love. Proving once again that she can sing anything.

23.Bruno Mars- California Gurls by Katy Perry: He didn’t? Yes he did. He used his artistry (Does it ever end?) to make this one his own. It’s funny too!

24.Kelly Clarkson- Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake: Don’t get me wrong; I love Justin Timberlake and I have a dream to marry him one day, but Kelly gave him a GOOD run for his money when covering this song!

25.Fun- Call Me Maybe: I have to give credit to these guys for actually covering this song. I love the way this song. It still has that pop sound with a more rock sound that only Fun could pull off. A listener even told the radio station, “even during the traffic jam that was fun” (No pun intended with any of what I just said).

26.Bruno Mars- Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana/Billie Jean by Michael Jackson/Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes– Well that’s so much that it had to go onto a second line. So what Bruno does here is that he plays the guitar to sound like Smells Like Teen Spirit then starts singing Billie Jean, or as he calls it “the remix” (to which song though?) Either way he killed it, and he killed it singing seven nation army too.

27.Kelly ClarksonNo Scrubs by TLC: I love this song! It’s nice to hear the southern sweetheart telling some loser to get lost. Nothing’s funnier than a girl telling some loser to get lost, but it’s really funny when she does it.

Hi I'm Stephanie DiVito. I am 21 years old and I am originally from Pennsauken, NJ. I am now living at Rowan in the Triad Apartments. I am a Secondary Education major in English, and I love to write! I am a person with a lot of ideas and I can't wait to put them out there!
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