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10 Ways to Tell Spring has Sprung at Rowan

Spring is just around the corner! Spring has sprung! These might be just a few of the typical saying you’ll be hearing over the next few weeks.  At Rowan, here are 10 things you can look out for when you begin to catch a case of Spring Fever.

1. Students begin using the basketball courts and intermural fields once again.

2. The student center patio becomes used again, as clubs hold tables there to grab student’s attentions while blasting music.

3. You can also hear music blasting from windows of student’s dorm rooms.

4.  You fear that you’ll be run over by the bike that you hear peddling behind you.

5. You question how anyone can keep their balance when they ride a razorback skateboard

6. Parties begin to be held in backyards instead of crowded and stuffy houses

7. You’re actually willing to walk to your friend’s house on the opposite side of campus because it no longer requires three layers of clothing.

8. Ice cream at the student center becomes your go-to dessert once again.

9. You soon find yourself slowly losing motivation to get your schoolwork done.

10. And your excuse? “It’s just too nice outside!”

I'm super excited to be the secretary for Her Campus Rowan! I'm at an PR Coordinator at Philly PR Girl, and I'm a senior (where has the time gone?!) I'm a PR major and a journalism minor, and I also write for The Odyssey. 
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