Thirdstory: Music To Look Out For


“Now if we’re talking body. You’ve got a perfect one so put it on me. Swear it won’t take you long. If you love right. We’ll love for life.”

When you hear those lyrics I’m more than positive your mind goes to Tove Lo and her pop song Talking Body. Sure enough it is the song Talking Body originally sang by Tove Lo. But can you imagine three beautiful men blending their voices together to create a glorious composition and with melodies that take you to a completely different head space than the original. These three gentlemen have done something pretty amazing with this song. From changing the composition of the song to even tweaking the lyrics to give the listeners a different feel for the song.

Tove Lo- “If you love me right, we’ll f**k for life.”

Thirdstory- “If you love me right, we’ll love for life.”

One youtuber said. “If the original is a one night stand the Thirdstory version is making love.” That comparison alone can give you an idea of how different the arrangement of the Thirdstory version is compared to the original Tove Lo version.


When these young men blend their voices it’s as if God himself decided to bless the world with three angel from his personal choir.

Thirdstory is garnering quite a buzz on Youtube and various other social media outlets. Their rendition of Drake’s Hotline Bling takes the song from “Boy Bye!”

To “Does my hotline bling too much? Am I doing too much?”


And those are just a coupleof their AMAZING covers. So, I know your next question. Where are these men and are they coming to Chicago anytime soon? Well I have some good news and some bad news. They will be in Chicago on April 16th. But the tickets are sold out and they have been since Feburary. The good part about this is they are clearly gaining buzz. They won't get lost in the YouTube artist limbo. The bad part about this is, so far the chances of seeing them in Chicgao this year look slim. I say we go to the venue and demand entry to witness this gift from the heavens live and in color. Check them out and tell us what you think.