Profile: Lindsay Gobert

General Info

Name: Lindsay Gobert

Age: 20

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Palatine

Hobbies/interests: Dance


Why did you choose your major?

When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer but my family told me I wouldn’t make any money at criminal law. In my junior year of high school I took psych and loved it and learned about forensic psyc which is combining law and psychology.

What are your plans after graduation?

I am trying to go to grad school and earn my Psy.D.

Why did you choose RU?

Funny story! When I was a sophomore in high school I came to Chicago and saw the big blue wavy building and I said "That's a cool building what is it? Roosevelt University. I am going to go there." Then when it came time to apply I looked into the school and loved it and they offer forensic psyc which most schools don’t.

What is your favorite thing about Roosevelt?

I love the variety of psyc classes offered and how small most class sizes are.

Any campus involvement?

Vice President Recruitment for Alpha Gamma Delta, Psi Chi, Her Campus

What has been your favorite RU event?

The breast show ever and build-a-bear!

Social Causes

What social cause matters most to you?  

The stigma about mental illness and depression.

Are you a feminist?


What causes are important to you for the upcoming Presidential election?

Women's rights


How would you describe your personal style?

Laid back

What are your favorite stores and brands?

Francesca's, Forever 21

What’s your favorite item in your closet?

T-shirt dresses. I have 5 black ones but they are all different!