Profile: Kacper Lemiesz

Kacper Lemiesz


Her Campus Roosevelt would like to introduce to you sophomore, Kacper who is studying sociology and philosophy. You can find him in the Academic Success Center where he works as a student mentor or on the tennis courts where he serves as RU's tennis team's captain. By way of Poland he is a force to be reckoned with. 

Hometown: Polkowice, Poland

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Favorite thing about RU: Being able to work closely with professors and students.


When did you start playing tennis? 8 years-old

Proudest Moment with RU Tennis: There is no particular moment that makes me especially proud, but the progress that the Roosevelt University tennis team has accomplished in general makes me proud, as well as the great chance that I have as a team captain to help my teammates and share my experience with them.

What has your experience as a peer mentor taught you? My mentor experience has helped me to better understand students’ experience in higher educational institutions and, most importantly, to respect others’ experiences and perspectives.

What advice do you give to new students? Look for what you love and do only what you love - nothing else. That is the only way to enjoy life and be great at what a person is doing.

Do you have a mentor?I have had a few mentors in my life, but at RU I have found almost all faculty and staff members to be great and helpful. 

What made you leave Poland and move to Chicago? The United States post-secondary education system in general offers the opportunity to play tennis and be in college at the same time. Chicago offered a school with a great mission, no religious affiliation, and small class sizes. The city itself didn't play a big role in my decision.

What do you miss the most about Poland? The opportunity to work outside of school to build non-profits and to try to change the educational system (and friends obviously).

You are very busy, what keeps you going? The great love and passion for what I do keep me going. It is all a pleasant experience. Additionally, I feel obligated to gain knowledge for myself and through this help others too.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate? I don’t know exactly where my path is headed, but my personal goal is already set up. Being able to bring change of any significance into students’ experiences in their learning process or the current state of the philosophy of education would make me the happiest person.

Goals:My goals include making RU a "democratic learning community," not only with respect for culture and diversity but also for the intellectual independence of students.