Profile: Bridget Cascio

General Info

●Name: Bridget C​ascio

●Age: 20​

●Major:​ Human Resource Management and Marketing

●Hometown: Westchester IL​

●Hobbies/interests: ​Crafting, Dancing, Eating, Running


Why did you choose your major?

I chose my major because I knew I always wanted to work in businesses but I didn’t

know what I wanted to make my focus. I took a lot of the introductory classes of

business and after that I really like HR and Marketing and I couldn’t pick between the two

so that’s why I am double majoring.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation are to work downtown doing HR or Marketing for any kind of

broadcasting/tv/movie company. I have always loved the idea of production and film so

being able to have a career in it would be awesome.

Why did you choose RU?

I chose Roosevelt because I really wanted to go to school in downtown Chicago and RU

connected with me the most. I like their mission on social justice, the atmosphere, the

business school, the location, and the dorms. Everything that I was looking for in a


What is your favorite thing about Roosevelt?

My favorite thing about Roosevelt is the clubs and organizations that offer among the

amazing education. I am apart of two student orgs and have met a lot of amazing

people and learned a lot from them as well.

Any campus involvement?

Yes, as stated above I am apart of a greek organization: Alpha Gamma Delta. I am also a member of Her Campus

What has been your favorite RU event?

Homecoming is probably my favorite RU event. I love how they change the location

each year to such amazing venues. It is always fun to go out and dance.

Social Causes

What social cause matters most to you?

I think equality for everyone in the United States is very important to me. I also think

everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed in life, and there is a lot of issues

with social class. I believe that everyone should be treated as equals regardless of

race/religion/gender/etc and it makes me sad how much hate there still is.


How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my personal style is a mix of Edgy and Preppy. Some days I like to wear

tights and a cute dress with nice accessories, the one day I like to wear my studded

boots with ripped black jeans, black top, and a black leather jacket. It could go either

way for me.

What are your favorite stores and brands?

Favorite stores are: Nordstrom, Francesca's, Forever 21, Akira, Aritzia, and H&M.

Brands: Kate Spade, Gap, Free People.

What’s your favorite item in your closet?

My favorite item in my closet probably has to be my knee high black boot heels.

Celebrity Status

What makes you a celebrity?

I would say what makes me a campus celebrity is attendance for events. I usually

attend most events the school puts on and will support causes