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Planning for Your Best Year

Today’s undergraduate has a juggling act to perform. 70 percent of students pursuing bachelor’s degrees work at least part-time, per a 2015 study by Georgetown University. Making time to study and participate in extra-curricular activities can become stressful without the proper time management and organizational skills. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself on track is to use a planner. Gone are the days when an academic planner was a huge, unwieldy notebook that your elementary school forced your parents to purchase for you. Today’s collegiate has plenty of options.

1. The Self-Care Planner $39

The Happiness Planner contains everything from the standard calendar and daily scheduling pages, to pages for monthly and yearly reflections, goal setting, self-care tips, and space for logging workouts and meals. It comes in Mint, Pink, Serenity & Quartz, and Black. In addition to the July 2017- July 2018 option, there is an undated 52-week Happiness Planner, and a 100-day planner that you can start at any point during the year.

2. The Fit Journal $34

The Focus Journal from YouTube’s #1 Women’s Fitness Instructor, Cassie Ho of Blogilates, debuted her first combination academic/professional and health journal in August. This iridescent journal has monthly calendars, space to track each day’s water and food intake plus workouts, and week-at-a-glance pages with slots from 6 a.m. to midnight for keeping track of your busy schedule. Doodle in the white space, declare your dreams, and recap your monthly goals and end of year progress. You can also purchase 430 stickers to keep yourself focused.

3. The Cutie $7.99

Like most people, you’re probably addicted to Target. If so, you may have noticed their plethora of cute planners like this Yoobi Watermelon print planner. Keep track of your assignments and doodle to your heart’s content in this stylish weekly & monthly planner.

4. The Young Sophisticate $9.99

You may recognize the classic, no-frills design of this appointment book/planner from House of Doolittle if you know someone who has reached the salaried level of adulthood. With its faux-leather black cover and nondescript pages for penciling in the day’s activities, this planner means business-and so do you. This planner also features space to record your upcoming exams and projects, so you always have your due dates and scores handy.

5.The Miniature $17.99

This pocket-sized weekly planner from Moleskine is the perfect accessory for the collegiate with an overstuffed backpack. Jot down the day’s homework and slip this miniature planner into any compartment–or your back pocket. It also has a back flap for tucking in notes or your bookstore receipts.

The options for planners are seemingly endless, and with prices ranging from less than 10 dollars, there’s an option for everyone. Writing down your plans, goals, and healthy choices can make them stand out in your memory and offers less distraction than say, opening your Google calendar and suddenly ending up on Twitter. Set yourself up for success this school year by organizing your days and learning how to manage your time.

Study hard, and stay hydrated. 

Ariel Robbins is a third-year Technocultural Studies major with a minor in Professional Writing at UC Davis. Her dreams consist of attending graduate school for screenwriting or visual journalism, and one day taking a picture with Steve Buscemi. If you see her, you can almost always assume she is wearing Marc New York Performance leggings from Costco and aggressively craving Limeade from Trader Joes. Contact her at [email protected]
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