Its Levels to It

The last time I gave you all ways to try to break away from your weakness(es) and help in your healthy eating journey, I hope it is helping! There are ways to supplement the things you love that are not so good for you, with things that you may get a love for and that are good for you. Breaking away from old habits is not as easy as it sounds. Like I love to say, it is a mental thing! So this time I am going give you all ways to put your plan into action.


So here’s the plan. Start off writing down what your food weaknesses are, how often you indulge, and what causes you to indulge. Next, make a weekly plan to incorporate either veggies or fruit or even both with every meal. Find ways to make cooking fun, manipulate the veggies and use spices and recipes to make them delicious. Also, try to cut out those sugary drinks like pop, juice, artificially flavored drinks, and try replacing it with water. Adding fruits to your water like strawberries, blueberries, and oranges or adding lemons and cucumbers can supplement the taste of those sugary drinks. Incorporating fruits and veggies in your diet is the best way to see the results you want in my opinion.

Allow, yourself to indulge in your weakness or eating out once a week. Completely removing something you’re so used to can cause you to crave it even more which can hinder your progress. When you get a craving for a snack, try grabbing some grapes or an apple or even some Wheat Thins if you’re a chips lover like I am. Just try not to indulge into those weaknesses as much as possible. Have will power, don’t let it sweet talk you. What I like to advise the most, is to get someone to start this new change with you. It could be a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, sister/brother or anyone. Just having someone doing this with you holds you both accountable and makes it ten times better!

Eating well also has benefits for your hair, skin, nails, and your brain. A lot of fruits carry antioxidants that are good for cleansing. Many of them are good for energy boosters so that you don’t feel sluggish or fatigue throughout the day. I personally saw a change in my skin and hair when I began eating better. My hair not only began to grow, but it was stronger and thicker. My skin got its glow back, and the little breakouts were put to an end.

 The most important part during this change is to have fun with it! Do not make it a chore because then it becomes stressful, and we do not like chores. Also, do not expect things to change overnight, it takes time, do not beat yourself up if you’re not seeing the progress you expect to see in that amount of time. Just stick to your plan and not someone else’s because your body is unique in its own ways. Food is so so good, we all love it, so know it’s time to make it even better! Bon appetit!