Fit....Maybe Just a Bit


When we think of fitness and exercise we cringe our faces because we already know what’s to come of it; sweat, tears, blood, and death (I’m just exaggerating) but you get the point. It’s the thing that we all want to push ourselves to do, but that dang ole voice in our heads is reminding us of all the pain we’re going to feel. Even for me I still have to battle with the little voice in my head that tells me I am too tired to get up for practice. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I’ve been running cross country and track for about 6 years. Even though I’ve been running for this long, I still at times struggle with the motivation to get up and run.

 In a race I had I allowed negative thoughts to get in my head that kind of set me back. The thing is I could have done so much better if at mile 3 I was not telling myself “I can’t do this anymore.” “Who the hell came up with a 3-mile race?” “Why the hell do these girls love running for this long?”, and so many more other things.

So, I guess you may be wondering how to not allow these voices to hold you back. First, tell those voices to shut up, and that they can’t stop your grind. Second, it’s important to remember why you are taking on this fitness journey and motivate yourself with encouraging words. Third, maybe having a workout buddy is best so that you both push each other if the other is feeling less motivated. Fourth, do not try to compare yourself to someone else, go at your own pace. Finally, have fun! This is meant to be a fun, healthy, life changing, and inspirational experience so enjoy it!


 Often when people want to start their fitness journey they do not realize how much of a mental and not just physical thing it is. I am a strong believer that the mind guides the body, and if your mind is think one thing, your body will surely follow. I especially know how much of an impact my mind plays on me during my races. What I love to tell my friends and anyone else who wants to start their fitness journey is that you have to want this, and your mind has to be in it all the way. Fitness is a work in progress for myself and so many other people, but we got this!