Do or Don't: Clip-in Man Buns


Man buns! Some have come to love them, and some have come to hate them, but one thing is for sure. They are here to stay! It has become a trend for men to grow their hair out and form little to medium size balls of hair stuffed in a pony-tail holder on top of their heads. If you’ve paid any attention to pop culture media in the last few weeks then you know exactly where this story is heading.

Groupon recently advertised the sale of a product listed as the ‘Clip In Man Bun’ which could be bought for the price of $9.99 on their website. Once people started to discover this product, the word began to spread all over social media. People clearly had much to say about this product. I must admit that I’m a fan of the man bun … that is the naturally grown one. When I was first tagged in an Instagram post about this, I have to admit that my original feelings were not that of admiration. I was a little confused by the fake pile of hair on top of the male model’s head. Like I said, I’m a fan of the original man bun, but this was a little weird. I’m not use to seeing or hearing about men wearing any sort of clip-in hair extension, so I really couldn’t decide if I was for or against this up and coming trend.

I remained in the state of confusion so I decided to get the opinions of the Her Camus team! Here is what they had to say: 

We asked our team member L.G. first, and without hesitation her first response was “No.” Then she went on to say “Man buns are never attractive. You’re hair should not be longer than mine.”

Our very own campus correspondent Carlita K. responded with a completely different outlook. “I mean, girls wear extensions, makeup, and fake nails so I don’t know if I have room to judge. I definitely think they look weird and unnatural though from the pictures.”

Another HC team member, Erin C. said “I believe men deserve the option to have some modified features as women are with makeup, nails, and weave or extensions. Saying that, I don’t like the man buns because they look too fake and if they made the man buns more realistic, I would approve. Men should have the choice to look more attractive so I hope they improve the fake man bun so men will have the chance to attract others in the way that they want.”

The last statement was made by Jamila M. She said “To see men be so superficial is quite disheartening. One of the best things about men is that the average guy isn’t concerned with things like man buns. To know we are getting to a place in society where men want to wear fake buns is upsetting. I hope this doesn’t catch on.”

 So obviously we had a really mixed group of opinions. Even with all the chatter from our team and the rest of social media, only one thing matters. It’s not up to us! If a man feels the need to try out a clip-in man bun or any other type of hair extension, its their prerogative! So to all of the guys purchasing their first clip-in man bun, cheers! You go out into the world and rock those buns!