The Decision that Shook the World

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The night that Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United States by our finest electoral college, was the night my faith in God grew even more. That night for me was a time of disbelief and numbness. I could not wrap my mind around what just occurred, my mind could not process everything. I was battling what I wanted to hear against what I was actually being said. So, that night, I took one last look at the results, said my nightly prayer, and went to bed. The next day was even worse. When I walked outside, I swear I’ve never heard the city of Chicago so quiet; it was like there was this big elephant in the room and the whole city didn’t want to talk about it.

As I am able to process my feelings now, my biggest feeling is disgust. I am disgusted by the hatred that lies within our American people. This election has brought major issues that this country needs to work on. It has brought up the deep-rooted racism that still exist in this country that has been suppressed by laws, regulations, time, and presidencies. The one good thing about this election, is that it allows America’s true feelings and problems to surface. There is so much hatred and discrimination towards minorities in this country. That is frightening. The threats to Muslim women, and people of color, as well as the horrific sexual innuendos towards women has been appalling. I think what’s is most important during these times, is that minorities not subject ourselves to these acts of evilness. We must stand strong and proud in our uniqueness. We must embrace every aspect of our culture, skin, dialect, sexuality, religion, and beliefs greater than before. We as minorities out way the majority farther than the eye can see, and it is time for us to realize this. We will not change our ways or leave our establishments just because they say so.

This election has also taught me and hopefully the rest of my fellow millennials that we must be more active in the politics of America. We can no longer wait around and think that our voice doesn’t matter because this definitely shows us that it does. We need to be out there voting for our mayors, state senates, governor’s, primary candidates, and presidential candidate. I think one great mistake that should its consequences later, was that during this presidential election, people did not vote as much during the primary elections. I think the ideology behind a lot of individuals was that “I’ll just wait to the big election”, and waiting until the big election cost us a lot.

This election has been a learning experience that I will never forget, and I hope it has been for many others as well.