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Dear beauty culture, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that makes cheekbones sharp and the complexion flawless, but does it all actually work on regular folk? Society is filled with new wave beauty tricks that enhance our beauty and help make us the cover model perfection everyone would want to be. Yet, makeup removal wipes companies are on the rise. Let’s get the story straight, a regular person who hasn’t spent day and night perfecting the art of highlighting might look like a neon light or a glow stick shining brightly.

Dear beauty society and cursed beauty Gods above, can you please give advance warning that not every foundation and highlight is created equal?  I’m tired that my cheekbones look like a glowing nuclear radiation experiment depending on the brand. However, the social pressure for beauty has been the sworn enemy of women for centuries even in regards to body shape. Every few years there’s a different body type that is “in” for the moment. In fact, right now there is a craze for the video vixen big booty with a thin waist and big boobs body type.  But sometimes the beauty gurus and “flawless” celebrities can also exaggerate the length of the necessity for makeup.

Where’s the justice in not having the flawless look like the tutorials and all your chins completely covered? The complex life of the everyday individual trying to follow the trends and look like the social media socialite is hard, but the good thing is that the regular Joe or Joette can make these mistakes without being on front page news. But that doesn’t stop us from at least trying to experiment with makeup.

Have you ever looked at a YouTube video or a Facebook makeup tutorial on how to apply a new face without the plastic surgery cost? Then right after decided to try them?  Well if you ever did try them, let’s just say high cheekbones are the least of your worries since you’ll look like a freakish version of Elvira and Peggy Bundy if you have the wrong brand or materials.  Word of advice, speaking from experience, question when your friends just nod in agreement and repeatedly tell you that you look beautiful when in reality you look like an overpriced hooker or a mortician’s masterpiece ready to take a dirt nap (what good friends huh?).

This doesn’t mean that friends let friend’s foundation or highlight be on fleek, but they also may be misguided. Now we may become meme’s in our friend’s circles on Facebook if we are unlucky Instagram as well, but we all are just hitting learning curves in the makeup world. In the end, we can’t resist trying next week’s trendy makeup look that may be worse than feathered eyebrows from the eighties. 

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