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Thrift shopping is the perfect way to expand your closet on a budget. Whether you’re looking for a cute pair of oversized jeans, a 90s floral dress, or a staple blouse, thrift stores give you an array of options to match your mood. Thrift shopping can be difficult in Florida because of the heat, but Orlando offers an assortment of thrift stores and vintage boutiques that sell clothes for those hot sunny days. Here are four thrift stores in the Orlando area that sell anything from a basic white t-shirt to a 1960s wedding dress. 

The Owl’s Attic 

The Owl’s Attic is a vintage store on Corrine Drive in Audubon Park. This boutique sells women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. This also includes goodies, like jewelry, made by local artists. The prices on vintage clothing are high, but don’t let that stop you from peeking your head in to look around because you might find a sparkly ring or a new crossbody bag!

Goodwill Boutique 

The Goodwill Boutique is located on Orange Ave and within walking distance from Rollins College. If you’re looking to donate clothes or shop around, there are plenty of options ranging from furniture to long evening gowns. You can find just about anything at Goodwill for a reasonable price. 

Avalon Exchange 

Avalon Exchange is a resale clothing store on Orange Ave, across from the Goodwill Boutique. This thrift store is one of the trendiest in Orlando and provides anything from an oversized sweatshirt to a sale rack full of skirts. Avalon’s expansive accessory section contains 2000s sunglasses, lacey socks, chain necklaces, and patterned scarves. 

Decos Resale 

Decos Resale is a thrift store located on E Colonial Drive. Decos sells anything from designer vintage items to a $10 black dress. Even though the store is small, the owners carefully organize it by the items and split it between women’s and men’s clothing. Decos is the edgiest boutique in Orlando, with newly used Doc Martens and vintage Dior. 

Sadie Webster

Rollins '25

Sadie Webster is a writer at the Her Campus Rollins College chapter. She covers culture, wellness, and life verticals on the site. Beyond Her Campus, Sadie is interested in the intersection between art, feminism, and literature. She studied abroad in Paris in the spring 2023, and spent time curating an exhibition on gender identity in photography. Sadie is currently a junior at Rollins College, majoring in art history and minoring in sexuality, women, and gender studies. In her free time, Sadie enjoys listening to music, reading, thrifting, and cute coffee shops. She loves waking up early, and is a secret Jersey Shore fan.